Jerry 2011 – Indicados – (Parte 7)

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David Benioff e D.B. Weiss por Game of Thrones
(‘Winter Is Coming; ‘The Kingsroad’; ‘Lord Snow’; ‘The Wolf and the Lion’; ‘You Win or You Die’;   ‘Baelor’; ‘Fire and Blood’)
(1a indicação)

Jeff Pinkner e J.H. Wyman por Fringe
(‘Olivia’; ‘Entrada’; ‘The Firefly’; ‘Lysergic Acid Diethylamide’; ‘The Day We Died’)
(1a indicação)

Matthew Weiner por Mad Men
(‘Public Relations’; ‘Christmas Comes But Once a Year’, ‘The Good News’, ‘The Rejected’, ‘Waldorf Stories’, ‘The Suitcase’, ‘The Summer Man’, ‘The Beautiful Girls’, ‘Hands and Knees’, ‘Tomorrowland)
(3a indicação)

Neil Gaiman por Doctor Who
(‘The Doctor’s Wife’)
(1a indicação)

Robert King e Michelle King por The Good Wife
(‘Taking Control’; ‘Cleaning House’; ‘VIP Treatment’; ‘Breaking Up’; ‘Silly Season’; ‘Real Deal’; ‘Net Worth’; ‘Silver Bullet’; ‘Great Firewall’; ‘Foreign Affairs’; ‘In Sickness’; ‘Closing Arguments’)
(1a indicação)

Steven Moffat por Doctor Who
(‘A Chirstimas Carol’; ‘The Impossible Astronaut’; ‘Day of the Moon’; ‘A Good Man Goes to War’)
(1a indicação)

Andrew Guest por Community
(‘Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples’; ‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons’; ‘A Fistful of Paintballs’)
(1a indicação)

Dan Goor por Parks and Recreation
(‘Harvest Festival’, ‘Li’l Sebastian’)
(1a indicação)

Dan Harmon por Community
(‘Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas’)
(1a indicação)

Greg Daniels por The Office
(‘Goodbye, Michael’)
(1a indicação)

Louis C.K. por Louie
(‘Pilot’, ‘Poker/Divorce’, ‘Dr. Ben/Nick’, ‘So Old/Playdate’, ‘Travel Day/South’, ‘Heckler/Cop Movie’,   ‘Double Date/Mom’, ‘Dogpound’, ‘Bully’, ‘Dentist/Tarese’, ‘God’, ‘Gym’, ‘Night Out’)
(2a indicação, 1a nessa categoria)

Tina Fey por 30 Rock
(‘The Fabian Strategy’, ‘Live Show’, ‘100’)
(7a indicação, 2a nessa categoria; 1 vitória, nenhuma nessa categoria)

(vencedores anteriores: 2010: Vince Gilligan; 2009: Damon Lindelof e Carlton Cuse/Ronald D. Moore; 2008: Damon Lindelof e Carlton Cuse; 2007: Damon Lindelof e Carlton Cuse – até 2010 não existia distinção entre drama e comédia nessa categoria)


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